Backdrop is a system of modular panels and accessories with a simple yet important purpose – to define the outdoor space where people want to be. Yet there’s more to creating inviting spaces than simply physical delineation. Equally important is the human, emotional component – how these spaces make people feel, where these spaces appear in their daily lives, and the types of moments these spaces help inspire. In the places we enjoy the most, the right physical characteristics help to create environments that elicit the feelings, memories, conversations, and connections experienced within. The space sets the mood and becomes a “backdrop” for life and living.

Backdrop understands both the material and immaterial aspects of defining space by creating destinations that are as surprising and unexpected as they are uniquely appreciated and intuitively welcoming. Placed along daily paths, such as campuses, streetscapes, residential communities, shopping and hospitality locations, Backdrop offers a place for focus and productivity, a bite to eat, an impromptu conversation, or a personal moment to recharge.

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2024 Prize Designs for Modern Furniture + Lighting, Winner 

2023 The Chicago Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN AWARD

2023 Architectural Products, Product Innovation Award

2023 Grand Prix Du Design, 2x Gold Certification

2023 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), Finalist

2023 Core77 Design Award (Furniture & Lighting), Runner-Up

2022 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year, Product (Outdoor Products) – Winner


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