WE MAKE LIFE BETTER THROUGH DESIGN — KEM STUDIO is an award winning design firm that fuses architecture + industrial design. This fusion is a natural extension of our underlying design philosophy – Better Design Better Living™ – making design more approachable, livable and necessary in our lives.

We are united by our belief that people interact with three different scales of objects as part of their daily life. The first are the things we manipulate (phones, microscopes, etc). Second are things we are equal with (chairs, benches, etc). And third are things that manipulate us (buildings, playgrounds, etc).

It is through our interdisciplinary approach and shared knowledge, as architects + industrial designers, that allows us to coalesce these scales into holistic design solutions and authentic experiences.


We believe that a wide range of experience is beneficial for all our projects and clients. It gives us an understanding of how people live, work and play in all aspects of life. That’s why we don’t have a specific style. Every one of our solutions is response to a specific client, market and user — making it something truly distinct and personal.