Health House (HH) is an elevated lifestyle fitness experience that is personal, inspiring, and communal. It evokes an edgy, fun, aspirational vibe of both the HH brand and West Hollywood (WEHO).

Health House was established in 2013 as the first dedicated rowing studio mixing rowing and strength training for a healthier community. After opening a brand new studio in Prairie Village, KS, they were able to gain investment and support to franchise and move West, building the first studio of its kind in West Hollywood, CA.

Moments of inspiration and unexpected positive reinforcement weave into the design. Brand colors in the architectural design establish HH in this new market. WEHO’s nature as eclectic, forward-thinking, and gregarious is represented with the integration of artistic messaging and luxury interior design that represents unconventional mergers of culture and fitness. The pattern in feature walls, flooring, and tiling has movement and repetition to convey energy and give a bespoke feel. The large projection wall in the studio provides an easy platform for collaboration with other brands – being able to tailor workouts and visuals to their collaborators. Notable collaborators since its launch have been Nike, Carbon, Rhone, Victoria’s Secret, Russell Westbrook and more…

Health House is not just a gym, it’s a lifestyle.



  Petra Ford