X⁴ is a class based fitness studio located in Birmingham, Alabama.  Each 1-hour class consists of 4 blocks of varying types of exercises. Running (TrueForm), Resistance (TRX) , Weights,  and Capacity (Concept 2: Rowing, Ski-Erg, and Cycling). 4 Blocks. 1 hour. The perfect fitness formula.

X⁴ wanted a refined & boutique atmosphere that could also enhance their core values of positivity and community.  We crafted the class experience and community through refining the entry sequence and the class layout. Before each class, members gather in the lobby and are briefed on the class as a team. Similar to a sports team before a big game, the members then enter the class together through a dark tunnel excited and ready to get to work. 

Coming out of the tunnel, a bold illuminated “X’ of lights point to the center of the room, where the coach runs the class.  Each ‘block’ is paired with a monitor that displays videos and instructions. An additional detail is the use of local ‘Alabama Marble’ throughout the space as a nod to the roots the expanding franchise-based studio.