Tempo is a modular wall and ceiling baffle system that improves acoustics but also functions as art in residential and commercial interiors. Tempo turns down the volume, with style.

Acoustic ceiling systems and wall systems have been overly complex to install, purchase, and there has never been one system that works on the ceiling and wall. Tempo is the first baffle system that uses the same modules for the ceiling and wall. With twelve different modules offered in six colors, the combinations are almost endless, allowing each designer to simply create unique installations depending on the style of the space and its acoustic requirements.

Speaking of acoustics… we believe you shouldn’t need to be an acoustic engineer to improve the sound quality of your space. We studied and learned the intricacies of sound waves so you didn’t have to. The NRC rating for the Ceiling Modules is 0.90 and Wall Modules is 0.85. *Nerd alert, an NRC rating of 1.0 is 100% sound absorption… what did you say… sorry we can’t hear you 😉



2021 Core77 Design Award (Furniture & Lighting), Notable