Zeta (our second helmet collaboration with Shred Ready) was designed to seamlessly blend performance and of course a little attitude.
For this helmet, we were inspired by the style and swagger of sports athletes during the late 1960’s like Roberto Clemente and Muhammad Ali. Like them, Zeta was designed to be unique inside and out. We developed innovations like the LRP™ (Light Reflection Protection) to minimize glare, designed temple guards die cast in aluminum (for more protection) and used advanced materials to get a more comfortable and less bulky fit, similar to a baseball cap. It may be the first helmet that you don’t rush to take off.
Zeta was also inspired by the infamous Class V+ Zeta rapid on the Futaleufu River in Chile. The Futaleufu is one of the premier whitewater rivers in the world and is known for its turquoise waters, a phenomenon produced by glacier till. To help protect the river, a portion of each sale of Zeta will be donated to American Whitewater and Futaleufu Riverkeeper, two amazing organizations dedicated to the protection and conservation of our watersheds and surrounding area.



2019 IDEA (International Design Excellence Award), Silver
  Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.