We designed Parallel as a dynamic solution for privacy that provides each individual the ability to improve their overall well-being.

Through our research, we noticed that privacy depended on the micro needs of each person’s personality, who’s next to them, and what’s happening from one moment to another. Current solutions lack individual or on-demand control that allows an individual to tune and improve the space around them.

To accomplish a desk divider solution that can be tuned to an individual’s needs, we embedded magnets in two sizes of acoustic and tack-able panels (made out of recycled content). This allows each user to move the panel as needed or easily swap it for more or less privacy. The Side-to-Side brackets are really a device organizer. They are magnetic, have a dry erase surface, and provides privacy while ergonomically curating devices for a quick video chat or to see who is texting you. The back brackets provide enough space between the back of the desk and the panel so that you can still use a monitor arm and manage any cords, but they also look good without a panel because they do not extend above the desk surface.

2021 Interior Design’s HiP at NeoCon Awards, Accessories Category, Honoree
2021 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), Finalist