On a waterfront lot on Weatherby Lake, the owners had the vision of creating a “Modern Lodge” where they could truly unwind and casually entertain friends.
The concept draws from the owner’s passion as a commercial photographer and the process of capturing an experience with a still photo. The house is two simple platonic forms, one resting on the other, pulled apart to create an aperture to the lake. The view is revealed once you enter the house, leaving the city behind and immersing yourself in lake living. The main public space is a wood-clad, two-story volume filled with light and the lake view. This is contrasted by a crisp, white stucco volume
housing the private functions.
Large boulders unearthed during construction connect the house to the land, otherwise leaving the lot natural. The house becomes a backdrop as you descend toward the lake, leaving the city completely behind.
2019 KC AIA Design Excellence Award, Citation
2018 Platinum A’ Design Award
2017 Archilovers Best Project
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