Launched at NeoCon 2017, MOBILE Wedge is a “MOBILE WALL” that defines space, enhances collaboration, provides storage and addresses acoustics in an office/school. This is an extension of LINK (2015 Best of NeoCon Silver, 2015 HiP Honoree and IDEA Award Finalist), a powder coated white board line that was designed to be more sculptural, create space and ergonomic (to make it easier to generate ideas). Functionally, they come off the wall to help facilitate collaboration and presentations.
MOBILE Wedge, also named a 2017 HiP Honoree, was designed to work seamlessly with the LINK Wedges. Providing the ability to move the Wedges creates a ‘movable wall’ that can be used to design space and facilitate collaboration. The overall form remains simple, helping curate the sculptural Wedge forms and own the background space to which the Wedges stand out from or fade into.
It begins with a simple wooden box at the bottom that creates a foundation for the structure, a gathering point for fasteners and finally a stowage/storage area for collaborative tools. Small, powder-coated bent metal trays held up by structural dowels provide cover for the storage area, reducing the visual noise of stored items and providing a quick storage area for tools such as markers, pins, post-its, etc. Standing tall from the center of the box is a simple white-wall that features the cleats for the Wedges to hang from and connection areas for the secondary, tack-able acoustic panel option. In tandem with the Wedges, the two geometries create inherent places to stow markers, push + pull to move, and allow space for the user to easily rotate, switch-out or adjust the Wedges as needed.
2018 IDEA (International Design Excellence Award), Finalist
2018 Core77 Design Award (Furniture & Lighting), Runner Up
2017 Interior Design Magazine HiP at NeoCon Award, Honoree