With Loftwall’s biggest showroom to date, their goal was to create immersive product experiences that visually and acoustically communicated what their brand is all about… privacy.

As this project was designed as both a showcase for NeoCon 2022 and for the long term showroom for Loftwall, we needed to allow for a large influx of people moving through the space while not oversizing the space. People approach the showrooms from a large central corridor, generally from a single direction, so this needed to be accounted for with the integration of custom signage, lighting, and placement of design of products within the space.

The design needed to create “place” within the showroom while allowing visitors to interact with products, see how they can be used, inspire them, and build a relationship with the Loftwall team. Using Tempo (ceiling + wall), we created a visually striking and emotive wall-to-ceiling connection that spans the entirety of the front of the showroom. The centrally located brand wall proudly displays the Loftwall name and their brand statement, setting the tone for the future of the brand. An important aspect of the design was to allow natural light to flow freely from the back of the showroom to the front, drawing people in and reinforcing the importance of human connection to nature (even in the heart of the city). A “Privacy, please!” neon sign creates a brand engagement moment on top of the wall of hexagonal acoustic tiles… because we all just want a little more privacy.