LMI’s LIQUITRON™ 7000 Series was designed to provide seamless and convenient setup and operation for industrial water treatment applications, monitoring conductivity, pH, and ORP to maintain water quality.
We designed the controller to be simple to monitor and use, with a 7″ touch screen being the primary point of contact for the unit where users can easily access and see their water treatment process on a daily basis. To make the unit accessible if not on site, it is embedded with LMI Connect, a cloud based platform providing users remote access to real time status, alert notifications, and system reports. To simplify the design even more we combined the functionality of five existing controllers in one unit and it’s footprint is reduced through one watertight housing (previously this was accomplished with two separate units) where all connections route and are labeled for easy identification and fast setup. To keep it clean on the outside, we designed a hidden cleat that attaches the controller to any wall, keeping it secure, visually simple and making it easily cleanable.