LINK was designed to change the way people collaborate, learn and develop ideas through a line of simple, fun and smart powder coated whiteboards. The three products in the line (BOARD, HEX and WEDGE) were designed to be more sculptural, to create a space. Ergonomic to make it easier to generate ideas. And functional (they come off the wall) to help facilitate collaboration and presentations.
HEX, BOARD and WEDGE are available at Ghent.
2015 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year 2015, Finalist
2015 Best of NeoCon, Silver
2015 Interior Design Magazine HiP at NeoCon Award, Honoree
2015 North American Office Products Awards 2015, Finalist
The Monday Morning Quarterback, “Ghent’s Link: Not just another Whiteboard,” by Rob Kirkbride, 2014

   Ahram Park