Upfit is a new approach to outdoor destinations—giving people a modern, flexible way to stay connected to nature and each other.

We designed Upfit to eliminate the barriers involved in creating dynamic outdoor space. It’s a liberation that reclaims underutilized outdoor space by creating places where people can learn, laugh, play, collaborate, relax, work and spend time with the people they love…outside.

It is an adaptive 16’ x 16’ x 10’ structure that is simple, modern and flexible. It includes infill panels, tables, bike racks, ceiling louvers, power distribution and lighting options, which allow it to transform into scalable classrooms, meeting rooms, rooftop decks, transit stations, and healing gardens with the amenities people need to live, learn, work, care, play and travel outdoors.

To learn more or purchase Upfit, visit Landscape Forms.

2018 Spark Awards, Silver
2018 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year, Finalist