Upfit is a new approach to outdoor destinations—giving people a modern, flexible way to stay connected to nature and each other.

In 2020, we added a line extension that included a Vertical Louvered Panel that allows designers to respond to solar orientation, letting more controlled natural light in the space. Also added to the line is a Sliding Panel (offered in Slatted, Louvered + Vertical Louvered Panels), In-Line Corner Table, In-Line Bench, In-Line Corner Bench and Floating Self that allow users to interact with the space even more.

These line extensions continue to eliminate the barriers involved in creating dynamic outdoor space. It’s a liberation that reclaims underutilized outdoor space by creating places where people can learn, laugh, play, collaborate, relax and work… outside.

To learn more or purchase Upfit, visit Landscape Forms.

Photography by. Pete McDaniel