Kena is a Digital Microscope intended for elementary education through high school, although it may find its way into universities as well. It was designed to be scientific, but also fun, allowing kids to explore everyday objects and the world around them. Intuitive usability was merged with the company’s brand to develop a design language that will repeat through their entire line of products. Dark grey correlates to user interaction, red is a handle and/or cord storage and silver is on/off or capture. Something unique to this product is the rubber (santoprene) pad for the stage that provides friction to keep the object or specimen slide in place without using the traditional stage clips. Finally, to allow young users the flexibility of exploring the world around them the digital objective comes off the base allowing creative freedom.
2010 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, Design Distinction
2009 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), Bronze
2009 MOD (Monsters of Design) 
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