We designed our office to be a blend of a living laboratory, showcase and art gallery. A place where we can test spaces and furniture concepts on ourselves before implementing them in projects. The benching solution in the primary working space started as an exploration of embracing biophilia, where we are interspersed with plants, as a way to separate space while encouraging collaboration. An intellectual property room allows our confidential work to be kept in an active state without disclosing confidential client information. Another large prototype/flex space, separated between two retractable curtains, gives us the space to experience the products and spaces we design while keeping them confidential. Additionally, there is a vast amount of whiteboard and pin-up space throughout the public area of the studio to foster collaboration, inspiration and excitement.
A lounge area at the studio entrance features a library, pool table, dart board, circular bar height tables, small glassed in meeting/phone booth and a couch for employees and guests to change vantage points and refresh. And last but not least, we enjoy a lot of natural light, a shower/locker area (to support healthy + active lifestyles) and three ways to make coffee… embodying our studio philosophy of Better Design Better Living™.


  Bob Greenspan