The Digital USB Classroom Camera is intended for primary education through high school, although it may find its way into universities as well. Whether it’s a Science or Reading class, it was designed to be flexible for a wide range of teaching applications, while also being fun and intuitive. 
Through our design language, we were able to communicate the product’s simple and intuitive function and reinforce the company’s brand. The dark gray camera head was designed to intuitively grab and manipulate, while the low profile base was designed to have minimal impact on the teacher’s usable desk area. We were able to dramatically reduce the number of parts by using an investment cast for the base which allowed it to be both the counterweight and structure of the product. We also designed a strain relief + nut combo part to bring it all together.
2010 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, Design Distinction
2009 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), Bronze
2009 MOD (Monsters of Design) 


Design Bureau, “Design Under A Microscope,”