Located in the Aspiria business hub in Overland Park, KS, the Creative One office celebrates their distinct business model by focusing on two primary experiences: growing their team and showcasing their client engagement process. These functions are tied together with a clean, sophisticated material palette that uses contrast to focus attention on important client touch-points, creates opportunities for social engagement, and celebrating unique and unexpected elements throughout the space.
The sense of arrival occurs as soon as the elevator doors open – both clients and employees are greeted by a custom reception desk and curated lobby, a metaphorical handshake. Extending both visually and spatially from the lobby are a VIP Lounge, which accommodates client presentations and relaxed conversations over a glass of wine or a game of pool, and a Podcast Studio, where visitors may get a glimpse into the world of media production.  The podcast studio is part of a larger production studio that includes an extensive cyclorama wall, a video and sound production area, and a changing room.
Corridors showcasing a custom walnut ceiling and built-in casework contain nearly three-hundred backlit laser-etched portraits of clients and business partners, defining the core of the open office space and celebrating competition, success, and mentorship . Seen from almost all areas of the office, the display emanates warmth and creates visual interest and hierarchy.
The open office distinguishes between a number of unique departments, subsidiaries, and sibling companies, creating space for intensive vocal and visual collaboration as well as  focused work. The strategic location of private offices, conference rooms, and common areas maintain openness and visual connection in the open office, but provide clear departmental and acoustic separation.