AIA Kansas City is hosting their annual Design Excellence Awards Gala on October 26th, putting emphasis on award-winning projects from last year. We received a Citation for our project, 1914 Main Apartments, the first new construction on the then brand new streetcar line.

“We like the projecting balconies. The balconies are kind of the signature element to the project. They contrast with the neutral grey form, these bright white cantilevered balconies. Very interesting. They’ll be great outdoor rooms.” – David Miller, FAIA (The Miller Hull Partnership)

“Very nice project redeveloping part of Kansas City. It really reinforces the existing fabric of the city but in a new way. The transformative aspect of that project is the strongest part of it. The units are very simple. They are long and narrow, so the east-west orientation of the facades allows the low light to drive into these narrow, deep units. And, we like the way the bedroom area kind of floats within the space…it’s just not fenced off in the back like you often have with a studio.” – David Miller, FAIA (The Miller Hull Partnership) 

A modern interpretation of the warehouse typology, 1914 Main lies in the heart of Kansas City’s most creative district. Supporting a mobile lifestyle, the city itself becomes the amenity package by utilizing public transportation such as the streetcar and some of KC’s best restaurants, bars, galleries and local shops.

photography by Bob Greenspan